About the Author

The Chagnon brother-and-sister team are self-admitted Francophiles, with a family history going back to Clovis' court. It is possible that one of their very distant relatives brought Christianity to Clovis' court. It seemed so natural with this pedigree that Chip, the soldier, historian, and world traveler would team up with Judith, the professionally trained journalist and experienced writer, to pen a novel based in French and Templar history.

Chip's love of medieval history made this historical novel book-writing team inevitable. Adding to the passion was Chip's 35-year US Army career, from which he retired as a colonel assigned to the US Army General Staff. Upon his Army retirement, he worked ten years as a logistician for VSE Corporation, retiring as an Assistant Vice President, Operations. Both careers afforded Chip the opportunity to travel to most of the towns and very paths called out in his novels. His training and experience also provided him with a soldier's insight of the Templar organizational structure and tactics and an executive's appreciation of Templar business practices.

Chip teamed up with younger sister Judith to write the three-book series "A Templar's Journey" upon his retirement. He says, "My love of all things history, and particularly medieval history, combined with my sister's professional writing background, made this book-writing team possible. I supply the imagination, while my sister is the real talent, supplying discipline, editing, and research expertise." Chip lives in New Bern, North Carolina, with his wife, Linda, and assorted pets when not writing or on travel to Europe and the Holy Land researching for his next book, A Templar's Journey: Under the Cross and Crescent.

Judith returned to college in her late twenties, when the “late-blooming” journalism graduate of Suffolk University began her career writing for the Eagle-Tribune newspaper in Massachusetts. While Chip roamed the world, Judith stayed in New England, living in New Hampshire and Maine, often saying she’d never leave that area. But all things change, and in search of warmer climate, Judith moved in 2009 to Virginia, where she pursues that warmth. A history buff herself, Judith prefers museums and Civil War battlefields to medieval history. She also enjoyed reading fiction and, for many years, read up to four books per week; although that pace has certainly decreased with an increase in work, she prefers her books to carry her away into wondering “who done it.” She jokingly says that “all creativity is now lost to me, and my brother has taken over that part of it. He’s the real storyteller in this family, both verbally and in written form.”

This combined powerful Chagnon family insight has framed day-to-day Templar life from the inside out, telling the story in a very believable way.